I want to take you, as the viewer, on a journey of spirit and as an artist I aim to create beauty. Too many people (artists) are reminding the world what's wrong with it politically and socially and have we seen any real positive changes from this? Focus on the beauty of life allow your attention to reside there and where your attention rests becomes your reality.

Life and Art is about acceptance, learning what to leave out and to create as simply as possible as there is great beauty in simplicity. It is about the acceptance of change. The mind wants to always define something to make it finite so it can take hold of it or understand it, yet creativity is infinite not something you can grasp hold of. So if in life change is inevitable we should always welcome it in our creativity. A life or career producing the same work over and over for others to define you or think they understand who you are, is essentially a dead one!

"True art is to try and define the undefinable speak the unspeakable and should be undertaken in its honour."

Dean Fox